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The mission of Texas Christian University is to educate individuals to think and act as ethical leaders and responsible citizens in the global community. The Division of Student Affairs is dedicated to providing student focused programs and services that support student success and enhance the collegiate experience.


TCU Transitions, a program area within Student Development Services, seeks to facilitate the growth of students through the developmental needs of college.


To do this we:

• Aspire to transform and empower all students to become personally and socially responsible citizens.
• Support students in their development as whole human beings and productive members of society.
• Create and implement developmentally appropriate programs for students during their entire undergraduate careers.
• Challenge students to integrate their learning experiences, both in and out of the classroom, while reflecting on how these experiences contribute to their success.
• Seek to be partners, leaders, and experts in the field of student transitions.


Over the past year, TCU Transitions has engaged in a process of strategic planning. This process, which included both self-reflection and assessment, will guide our work over the next several years. The plan is designed to align our work closely with the University’s vision for the future. That vision, also known as The Academy of Tomorrow, includes four strategic areas:


Academic Profile and Reputation
Ideal Size and Balance
Creating the Optimal Campus Environment
Future Fundraising


The University’s strategic plan, TCU: Vision in Action, states that to realize the vision of the future we must commit ourselves to five cardinal principles that will determine the shape of the total TCU experience for at least a decade to come.


1. Recruit and retain outstanding students, faculty and staff who can thrive intellectually, personally, and professionally at TCU.


2. Design a vibrant, strong and brave learning community that is characterized by outstanding teaching, high-quality research, exceptional creative activity, and distinctive curricular, co-curricular and residential programs.


3. Enhance TCU’s learning community by providing outstanding facilities and appropriate technology.


4. Accelerate TCU’s connections with the greater community: Fort Worth, Texas, the nation and the world.


5. Couple wise financial stewardship with a well-planned entrepreneurial approach to academic opportunities.


TCU Transitions play an integral role in in shaping the total TCU experience for our students. The plan emphasizes student learning and development as the primary outcome of our work while simultaneously stressing the importance of assessment and planning. Finally, the necessity of continuing and strengthening our partnerships with faculty, academic departments, alumni, community members, parents and students is of critical importance in realizing our strategic plan.


The TCU Transitions plan sets forth five strategic goals/principles
that will guide our work for the next several years.

They are:


• Foster Student Learning and Development – Providing students with an array of developmentally appropriate opportunities that contribute to their individual learning both in and out of the classroom.

• Create and Promote a Seamless Student Experience – Developing strategic activities and events that advance the unique TCU student experience through all four undergraduate years by linking previous, current, and future programs.


• Establish and Foster a Sense of Identity – Defining what Transitions is at TCU, including our purpose, our values, our expectations, our audience, and our expertise by understanding our gaps and refining our focus.


• Engage our Constituents through Strategic Partnerships – Building collaborative partnerships with all of our relevant stakeholders, including students, faculty and staff, alumni, and community members.


• Advance a Culture of Evidence & Assessment – Basing decisions on verifiable evidence, including inputs and results, while connecting our learning outcomes to our assessment strategies.


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