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Over the last half-century many researchers have developed stage models of identity development that identify the major themes, challenges, and growth opportunities students face in this transitional period of life. As that research has continued, however, the movement has been toward understandings of development that are less linear and stage-driven and more aligned with identifiable themes, tasks, and dimensions of growth that students move through at varying times and rates in their journey as college students.

Consistent with this research, transitional programs within Student Development Services exist to enhance the student experience through programs and services that address and respond to the developmental tasks and dimensions of growth of students during the undergraduate years. Transitional programs address these developmental dimensions of growth with the understanding that personal growth takes place in the context of community where students experience both the possibilities and challenges of growth alongside others. Consistent with a developmental approach, transitional programs also mark milestone moments in the college experience.


TCU Transitions aims to serve students by identifying, developing and coordinating activities, resources, and programs that address one of three periods during the undergraduate experience: the first year experience the sophomore and junior year experience, and the senior year experience. TCU Transitions works to:

• Foster identity and vocational development
• Cultivate autonomy and decision making congruent with one’s values
• Promote class year identity
• Create understanding that community is built and sustained through the development of a sense of personal and social responsibility

In addition, each class designated by its year of graduation is assigned a Class Dean who remains with the class through the four years of the traditional college experience. The Class Dean serves as a general point of contact for all members of the class. When a student doesn’t know where to go or who to contact about anything in the TCU experience, the Class Dean is always ready to help. The Class Dean also posts on Facebook to update the entire class on services, programs and activities especially relevant to its particular interests and transitional needs.

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